Little Calf

Little Calf, Part II
The boy gives Daisy a good scrubbing.
The boy gives Daisy a good scrubbing.
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Below is the second part of "Little Calf."

The boy takes Daisy out into the pen. It's time to practice giving her a bath. Daisy likes the cool water squirting out of the hose. She stands quietly while the boy scrubs her with a brush. 

The boy dries off Daisy and steps back to admire her nice clean coat. All that's left now is Daisy's haircut. The boy brings out the clippers. Daisy stands very still while the boy trims her coat and tail. The boy is sure that Daisy is the best-looking calf ever!

The fair is a big, colorful, noisy place. Smiling people are walking everywhere. Children ride the Ferris wheel and play games to win prizes. People eat corn on the cob and cotton candy. Others look at the prize-winning pies that people have made or the food they have grown.

Daisy is staying in a big barn where there are many calves and cows. Daisy and the boy rush to the barn so they can prepare for the big competition.

In the barn next to Daisy's barn, the pigs oink as boys and girls get ready for the competition, too. The horses neigh in the next barn. Everyone is so nervous. 

The fair is a big, colorful, noisy place.
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Daisy moves restlessly in her stall. She can tell something is different today. Boys and girls rush all around to get their calves ready for the judging.

Daisy must look her best today. The boy brings out the combs, brushes, and shampoo. He hooks up the water hose and sets out the dryer.

First, Daisy gets a bath. Then the boy brushes Daisy until her clean coat shines brightly. Then he clips some of her hair around her head. Finally, he fluffs up the hair on Daisy's tail. Now she is ready for her new leather halter. And it is time for the competition to begin!

The boy leads Daisy into the ring. She follows the boy just as he has taught her. When he stops, she stops. When he says turn, she turns.

Daisy and the other calves line up now, nose to tail. The judges watch Daisy to see how well she minds the boy. The judges walk past the calves and look at each one carefully.

Now the calves are side by side. With the boy's help, Daisy carefully lines up her feet. They stand proudly as the judges check Daisy's ears, lift her tail, and feel her coat. Now they walk around the ring one last time. The judges decide who is the best. It's Daisy!

And the winner is...Daisy!
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Daisy is back in her stall in the barn. People stop to look at the prize-winning calf. The boy talks to them and tells them how proud he is of Daisy. She is the blue-ribbon calf, they all say, just like the boy knew all along.

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