King Midas

King Midas Part III
A servant brought the king a plate piled high with food.
A servant brought the king a plate piled high with food.
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Below is the third part of "King Midas."

Soon the king’s stomach began to rumble. Changing things to gold had made him very hungry. Midas returned to the castle and sat down at his table. “Servant, bring me my breakfast,” he ordered.

Soon a servant brought plates piled high with the freshest fruit, the warmest bread, and the tastiest cheese. Normally, King Midas began his breakfast with a yummy fresh strawberry. Today he carefully chose the juiciest one. “Ah, look at this bright red strawberry,” said King Midas, as he reached toward the plate. “Such a delicious beginning to an already wonderful day.”

But as soon as he touched it, the strawberry changed to gold. Midas was hungry, but he could not eat. King Midas grabbed a goblet of water and raised it to his lips, but the water turned to gold, too!

Midas became dizzy with thirst and hunger. He called to his servants, “Bring me something to eat! I’m so thirsty and hungry!” But everything they brought him turned to gold when he touched it.

Suddenly, Marygold came into the room, holding a gold rose. She sat at the table with her father and began to cry.

“Look at this poor rose,” Marygold sobbed to her father.

“It was the loveliest one in the garden! How could this have happened to it?”

“I made it happen, Marygold,” answered King Midas. “I know that the garden is your favorite place. I thought you would like to see your flowers turned into beautiful and valuable pieces of gold.”

“My roses are ruined!” exclaimed Marygold. “They no longer smell sweet, they no longer feel like velvet, and they no longer make the butterflies dance. The roses might be gold, but they are no longer valuable to me. They are worthless!”

Like all fathers, King Midas hated to see his daughter unhappy. He wanted to make Marygold feel better, and, without thinking, he rushed over to give her a comforting hug. As soon as King Midas touched her, Marygold turned into solid gold!

King Midas was shocked at what he had done to his daughter.
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King Midas was shocked at what he had done to Marygold. He quickly ran from the golden statue. He now knew his wish to turn all that he touched to gold had been a curse, not a blessing. If only he could turn back time, then he could get his beautiful daughter back.

King Midas sat down on the floor. How could he have been so greedy? He picked up the ­golden rose that Marygold had dropped.

He began to cry.

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