King Midas

King Midas Part II
The stranger gazed at the gold.
The stranger gazed at the gold.
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Below is the second part of "King Midas."

The stranger gazed around the room at all the piles of gold. Then he said, "My, you certainly have a lot of gold."

"Yes," said King Midas proudly, rolling a gold coin around in his hand. "Gold is the most wonderful thing in the world. And I could always use some more. I like to rise early in the morning and count a stack before breakfast. Then I like to count another stack before lunch. And before I go to bed I count some more. It is really a wonderful way to spend your days."

"I could give you the power to turn all that you touch into gold," said the stranger. "Would you like that?"

"Everything I touch will turn to gold?"

"Yes," the stranger replied.

Greedy Midas could not believe his ears! "Yes! Yes! I would like that very much indeed," King Midas excitedly said to the mysterious stranger.

"Very well," said the stranger. "After the next sunrise, anything you touch will turn to gold."

Midas looked around the room with a wide smile. Soon he would have even more money to count! When he looked back to the stranger, he was gone.

Midas did not care where the stranger went, or how he got into the room. All he could think about was what he would turn to gold.

King Midas spent that night wide awake, staring through a window in the castle and thinking how the castle would look magnificent when everything in it was gold.

When the dawn's light finally appeared, King Midas reached to push away the ­curtain, and it turned into solid gold! Then King Midas grabbed his chair, and it turned to gold, too! King Midas grew very excited with his new magical power.

He ran from room to room touching everything he could reach -- tables, mirrors, ­candlesticks, paintings, and doors. Just like the mysterious stranger had promised, everything turned to gold.

"I have the magical touch of gold!" shouted King Midas. "I will be the richest man on earth. No one will ever have as much gold as me." King Midas could not imagine a better gift.

As King Midas touched the rose, it turned to gold.
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Then King Midas rushed from his castle into the morning sunshine. He ran directly into Marygold's garden. He knew that this was his daughter's favorite place. Midas saw many beautiful flowers. He laid his hands on one of the loveliest roses, and it turned from scarlet red to gold.

"How delighted Marygold will be," Midas said to himself, "when she finds I have turned all her flowers into precious gold."

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