Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk Part III
Each time the giant claps his huge hands, the old hen lays a fantastic gold egg.
Each time the giant claps his huge hands, the old hen lays a fantastic gold egg.
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Below is the third part of "Jack and the Beanstalk."

Trying to be brave, Jack follows the woman into the kitchen. The oven, table, and chairs soar over Jack's head. The woman serves him a hearty stew and thick bread. Forgetting his fears, Jack eats every bite.

Suddenly the table begins to shake. Footsteps as loud as thunder seem to be getting closer and closer.

"My husband is coming," the woman says.

"You must hide!"

Jack hides behind a curtain. He is shaking.

"Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell a little boy!" says the giant, entering the kitchen.

"You are always smelling something," says the woman. "Sit down. Your dinner is ready. Enough of your silly nonsense. What would a boy be doing here?"

The woman serves the giant a whole turkey. From his hiding spot, Jack watches as he devours the meal in two big bites!

When not a bone is left, the giant calls to his wife,

"Bring me my hen." Plates rattle in the cupboards.

The woman quickly leaves the room. Moments later, she returns with a ruffled hen and places it on the table.

"Lay!" commands the giant, clapping his hands. Each time the giant claps his huge hands, the old hen lays a fantastic gold egg. Jack understands that the hen once had belonged to his father. He takes a deep breath. When the giant drifts off to sleep, Jack steps out of hiding and stuffs the hen into his sack. He runs out of the castle and through the clouds.

Jack and his mother are now living comfortably. With profits from the golden eggs, they buy a plot of land with fine soil. Soon their table overflows with corn, peas, tomatoes, beans, squash, and more. They never go to bed hungry.

Jack's mother urges him to chop down the beanstalk. But Jack still thinks about the giant.

He knows he must return to the castle. One morning, Jack kisses his mother and begins to climb the beanstalk again. As before, the fairy greets him at the top.

"Hello, Jack," she says. "You are brave to return to the Kingdom of the Clouds. You must face the giant again." With a wave of her wand, she disguises him as a baker.

Jack sets off for the castle. At the door, he takes a deep breath and blows his horn.

"Yes?" says the tall woman.

"Good morning," Jack says to the woman.

"I am a baker selling fresh bread."

"Perfect," says the woman. "Indeed, my husband eats ten loaves at a time."

"I have just ten loaves left," Jack says. "I will bring them into your kitchen. A fine lady like you should not carry her own bread."

Believing herself to be a fine lady, the woman leads Jack to the kitchen.

While he struggles to place the bread on the high table, Jack hears the familiar

sound of thundering footsteps.

"My husband!" shouts the woman. "He will use the bread to make a sandwich

of you!" She hides Jack in the cupboard. As the giant gets closer, the glasses in the cupboard rattle. Jack takes a deep breath.

"Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell a little boy!" says the giant, his voice as loud as a roar.

"My, my, what an imagination you have," says the woman. "You smell this fresh bread, that's all."

Eyeing the bread, the giant sits down. Jack watches as he pops the loaves into his mouth one at a time. When even the crusts are gone, the giant says, "Fetch

my gold."

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