Hen and Frog

"A storm is coming, and we will be caught in it."
"A storm is coming, and we will be caught in it."
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Hen and Frog were traveling down the same road. Frog was flicking flies with his tongue, while Hen was pecking the ground in search of seeds to eat. Hen pecked, stepped, and flapped her wings. Each time she looked up she noticed more dark clouds in the sky.

"Oh dear," clucked Hen. "The clouds are dark and are moving this way. A storm is coming soon."

Frog flicked at a fly and slurped it down, then continued to hop down the road.

"Did you hear me, Frog?" clucked Hen. "There is a storm coming soon, and we will be caught in it."

"Those clouds are not close," said Frog. "By the time the rain comes, we will be home."

Hen knew Frog was wrong. She knew she must build a house to protect them from the coming storm. Hen was known as one of the best builders, and she quickly started to gather straw to start the job. "Frog, help me build this house so that we can be safe and dry from the storm," Hen clucked.

"No indeed," Frog croaked. "I do not need to build a house because of a few drops of water. Besides, here is a hole that I will sit in if the rain comes."

Hen built a very nice house. It had a window and also a fireplace to keep her warm. Since the storm had not yet come, Hen decided to make a bed.

Hen built a very nice house while Frog chased flies.
©2007 Publications International, Ltd.

"Frog, help me make a bed to rest on just in case the storm is a long one," Hen clucked.

"No indeed," Frog croaked. "I do not need a bed. The ground is all that I need to lie on when that little bit of rain comes our way."

Hen finished the bed and knew she would get hungry during the storm.

"Frog, help me gather some mangoes so there will be plenty to eat when the storm comes," clucked Hen.

"No indeed," Frog croaked. "I do not need mangoes when there are plenty of bugs and flies to eat."

Hen gathered lots of mangoes and placed them beneath the bed to stay dry.

And then the storm began.

Upon the ground.

Water everywhere,

Frog doesn't care.

Or does he?

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