Harmony Farm

Harmony Farm, Part II
The animals just couldn't do each other's jobs well.
The animals just couldn't do each other's jobs well.
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Below is the second part of "Harmony Farm."

All the animals set out to do their new jobs. Cow and Hen chatted together to pass the time. After an hour, Hen looked at Cow. "Cow, what am I doing wrong?" Hen asked, a bit embarrassed.

"I was wondering the same thing," said Cow. "I haven't laid one egg yet!"

Soon all of the animals discovered that they weren't having much luck with their new jobs.

"The sheep just don't seem to respect me," said Donkey. "Why won't they listen?"

Sheepdog had a sad story, too. "That plow is so heavy!" he said. "I don't know how Donkey does it." 

"If you think the plow is heavy," said Cat, "try the wagon! Sheesh!"

"And those mice are fast little guys!" chimed in Horse. "I couldn't catch a single one."

Yes, all of the animals were disappointed -- well, all of the animals except Pig.

Pig watched his friends from his sty. They looked so unhappy that he decided to find out what had happened. "Why so glum?" he asked.

One by one, each of the animals told Pig how they had failed at their new jobs. "I couldn't make even one drop of milk!" confessed Hen.

"Friends," said Pig, "don't think about what you can't do. Think about what you CAN do! Why, Donkey, you're the best plow puller I've ever seen." Donkey blushed. "And Cat," continued Pig, "you can catch more mice than I can count."

Life gets back to normal on Harmony Farm.
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Pig helped his friends see that they all had special talents. Everyone felt much better.

The animals were happy to go back to their old ways. They all felt thankful that they had jobs they could do well. But they were also glad they had tried something new. They were able to laugh about it for years to come.

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