Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel Part III
There in a small clearing stood a small cottage.
There in a small clearing stood a small cottage.
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Below is the third part of "Hansel and Gretel."

In the morning they continued to walk. At first they sang songs that their parents had taught them to help make the time pass. Soon they grew tired and hungry again and walked along silently.

"Gretel, look!" Hansel shouted. "A cottage!"

The children could not believe their eyes. There in a small

clearing stood a small cottage.

"Maybe whoever lives in that cottage will give us some food," said Hansel.

"Let's hope," said Gretel running towards the small house.

As the children got closer they saw it was not an ordinary little house. Its walls were made of gingerbread! Colorful candies tiled the roof and the windowpanes were made of clear sugar.

"It is the most beautiful house I have ever seen!" said Gretel.

"It is the most delicious house I have ever seen!" said Hansel, running to take a bite of the candied curtain.

"Wait," Gretel cried, "we should see if anyone is home and ask before we eat."

Hansel knocked on the cookie door.

But no one answered.

"Knock again," said Gretel.

Both children knocked and called out."Tip-tap, tip-tap, who raps at my door?"

called an angry voice.

"The wind, the wind, it's nothing but the wind," said the children afraid of the voice. Just then the door to the house opened, and a very old woman with a walking cane came out. The old woman said sweetly, "Do not be afraid. Come in."

"We have been travelling through the forest with

nothing to eat," Gretel said. "We are terribly hungry."

"Children, you have come to the right place," the old woman laughed. "Help yourselves. Fill your bellies with candy and come inside and have a rest."

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