Good Blanche, Bad Rose, and the Magic Eggs

Good Blanche, Bad Rose, and the Magic Eggs Part II
Blanche came home with her arms full of treasures.
Blanche came home with her arms full of treasures.
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Below is the second part of "Good Blanche, Bad Rose, and the Magic Eggs."

The old woman floated closer to Blanche. "Go in the back to the chicken house," she told Blanche, "and there you will find eggs that talk. Some will say, 'Take me.' Some will say, 'Don't take me.'"

The old woman continued, "If you do what they say, by the time you get home, you will have gold and diamonds and beautiful clothes."

Blanche did just what the eggs said. She filled her apron with eggs that said, "Take me," and sure enough, by the time she got home, her arms were filled with treasures.

Blanche's mother was very happy to learn about the old woman and the talking eggs. She turned to Rose. "Go," she said, "and bring back more riches than Blanche brought."

Rose hurried to the forest to look for the old woman. She passed the battling axes. She passed the boxing arms and then the flying witches. At last Rose came to the cabin, but she went straight to the chicken house. Some eggs were calling, "Take me!" and others were calling, "Don't take me!"

Rose did something very bad. Every time an egg said, "Don't take me," she grabbed it and put it in her apron. Rose said to herself, "If Blanche got all that by being good, I can get much more by being bad! I won't let those talking eggs fool me!"

Snakes and toads followed Rose home.
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Rose went back through the forest. The axes stopped fighting and chased after her. One of the boxing arms tried to grab her, and a flying witch just missed crashing into her. The eggs cracked open, and toads came out, crawling into her hair, into her pockets, and into the hem of her dress. Snakes crawled from other eggs and chased Rose back to her house. Her mother met her at the door. Snakes, toads, and all kinds of ugly creatures followed Rose into the house.

"Get out of here, Bad Rose," her mother cried as she chased Rose, the snakes, and the toads straight through the house and into the backyard.

Rose ran into their chicken house. "You will sleep there from now on, you disobedient child!" her mother cried. And Bad Rose really did spend every night in the chicken house.

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