Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Part II
Trying to get up she breaks the chair.
Trying to get up she breaks the chair.
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Below is the second part of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."

The Bear Family had gone for a walk while their breakfast cooled a bit. They had made oatmeal, served in one big bowl, one middle-size bowl and one tiny little bowl.

Goldilocks saw the oatmeal and wanted some. Of course, she knew she should not eat breakfast without being asked.

"But I don't want to wait to be asked," whined Goldilocks. "I'm hungry right now." Goldilocks tried the oatmeal in the big bowl. She spit out the first bite. "Oh my, this one's too hot!" said Goldilocks. Next, she tried the oatmeal in the middle-sized bowl. She made a face. "Too cold!" said Goldilocks. She tried the

oatmeal in the tiny little bowl. "This oatmeal is just right!" said Goldilocks. She

finished the oatmeal, then licked the bowl clean.

Goldilocks felt full after eating the oatmeal. She poked her head into another room of the house and saw a cozy sitting room with three lovely chairs.

I wish they would come home so that we can sit and chat, Goldilocks thought. Perhaps I will wait here in one of these nice chairs and thank them for breakfast.

Goldilocks decided to sit in the big chair that belonged to Papa Bear.

"Oh no, this chair is much too hard!" she said.

"It's so hard, my back aches."

She took a seat in the nice middle-size chair where Mama Bear enjoyed sitting. "This chair is much too soft," Goldilocks said. She removed the pillows of the chair, but still it was not right. Goldilocks moved on to the last chair in the sitting room. It was a wee tiny rocking chair where Baby Bear loved to rock back and forth dangling his feet.

"This is the most perfect chair," Goldilocks laughed.

She, too, dangled her feet and leaned far back in the small chair. As she rocked back and forth, Goldilocks sang to herself. All the rocking and singing made her quite sleepy.

I wish they would come home and invite me to take a

little nap before helping me find my way home, Goldilocks thought lifting herself out of Baby Bear's chair.

Goldilocks tried to squeeze out of the small chair, but it seems she was stuck. She tried to stand up again, which she did, but the chair broke into pieces beneath her.

"Oh my," said Goldilocks, "I have broken the chair.

I must wait here for them to come home so that I can tell them how sorry I am."

But there was no place left for Goldilocks to sit.

She wandered through the cozy cottage and came across

a lovely room with three beds in a row.

I will lay here a moment, she thought.

Goldilocks laid on the largest bed. This is the bed where Papa Bear often dreamt of family picnics and great jars of honey.

"Oh no, this bed is much too hard," Goldilocks said.

She fluffed the pillow just so, and tried again. Still the bed was much too hard.

Goldilocks tried the middle-size bed where Mama Bear liked to rest all winter.

"This bed is too soft!" Goldilocks said. She pulled off the pillows and tried the bed again, but it still was not right.

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