Five Words Says It All

We absolutely have to win the Webbys for Best Copy/Writing and Podcast. And when we do, we have to give a five-word acceptance speech.

That's where you come in. Submit your acceptance speech ideas to and title it "When You Win the Webby." (Notice that it's five words? We're clever like that.)

We'll use our favorite speech at the awards ceremony in June, and we'll post it on our home page. Get ready for your 15 minutes!

But wait -- Your speech only gets to see the light of day if we win, so vote! Yes, you do have to register, but it only takes a minute.

So here's the rundown:

1) Vote at

2) Submit speech ideas to Include your name and hometown.*

3) Learn how the Webby Awards work at

Thanks -- and may the best speech win!

*We promise we won't use your e-mail except to let you know we've received your submission, and then to let you know that you won.

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