Fifi on the Farm

Fifi on the Farm, Part II
Everything on the farm was so different from the city.
Everything on the farm was so different from the city.
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Below is the second part of "Fifi on the Farm."

Next Fifi and Rex watched their boys brush the horses in the barn. "When does your boy ever take you for a walk around the block?" asked Fifi.

"A what?" asked Rex.

"You know," said Fifi, "he puts your leash on you and then you walk around and sniff stuff."

"I've never been on a leash," said Rex. "And we're always outside!"

Next Rex took Fifi to the pond. "This is where my boy goes to catch fish to eat," said Rex.

Fifi was careful not to get mud on her clean white fur. "We have fish, too," she said. "We caught ours at the pet shop."

"Do they live in your pond?" asked Rex.

"No," said Fifi. "We don't have a pond. Our fish live in a bowl on the dresser. We would never think of eating those little things." A farm cat ran by. She was chasing a mouse. Rex gave her a friendly bark.

"Look at her!" Fifi said with surprise. "That cat is so fast and wild!"

"She is fast, that's true," said Rex. "Sometimes I chase her just for fun, and I've never been able to catch her."

"You would catch our city cat easily," said Fifi. "She's fat and lazy and no fun at all. When she's not sleeping, she just stares into the fish bowl."

At sundown, Rex heard his boy whistle from the farmhouse. Fifi's boy called her name. The two dogs ran up to the farmhouse. They were tired from their busy day on the farm.

"I like to listen to the crickets chirping while I fall asleep," said Rex.

"In the city, the whirring sound of all the cars and buses puts me right to sleep," Fifi explained.

"The city sounds like a noisy, crowded, crazy place," said Rex.

"Well, it's noisy and crowded," said Fifi, "but I wouldn't call it crazy. It's just different. That's where my boy lives, so it's home to me."

Fifi and Rex were exhausted after their busy day.
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That night, Fifi dreamed about fields and cows and pigs and ponds. Rex dreamed about parks and leashes and fish bowls.

Rex couldn't wait to visit the city someday. And Fifi couldn't wait to show him around the place that she called home.

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