Fifi on the Farm

Rex gave Fifi a guided tour of the farm.
Rex gave Fifi a guided tour of the farm.
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Fifi was a pretty poodle who lived in the city. One day Fifi and her family went to a new place. It had dirt roads and big fields full of plants.

A scruffy little dog tramped over to Fifi. "Welcome to the farm," said the dog. "I'm Rex."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," said Fifi politely. Fifi sniffed Rex, and Rex sniffed Fifi.

Now the city dog and the farm dog were good friends. "Everything is so green and bright," said Fifi. "Look at all the trees!" 

"Don't you have trees in the city?" asked Rex.

"Yes, but just in the parks," said Fifi.

"You have funny-looking fur," said Rex with a chuckle. "It's so puffy and clean!"

"In the city, this is a very stylish hairdo," said Fifi. "I guess it does look a little silly, though."

"So, what do you and your boy do here all day?" Fifi asked Rex, as they strolled around the barnyard sniffing things. There were lots of things to sniff on the farm. Fifi even sniffed a chicken.

Rex answered, "Well, first thing in the morning, we come out here to the barn to get the milk we need for breakfast."

"You keep the refrigerator outdoors?" asked Fifi, shocked. Rex shook his head.

"The cows go to the store for you?" asked Fifi. She was getting confused.

"No," laughed Rex. "We get all the milk we need from the cows. My boy squeezes fresh milk out of them every morning."

"Amazing!" Fifi said. "Milk comes from the cows, and then it goes to the store!"

Fifi didn't know much about cows.
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Next Rex and Fifi went to the barnyard, where Fifi saw the pigs flopping around happily in the pigpen. "This place is a mess!" she said.

"This is a pigsty," said Rex. "Pigs love the cool mud."

"I always thought a pigsty was a messy bedroom," said Fifi, "because when my boy's mother walks into his room she says, 'This place is a pigsty!'"

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