Demeter and Persephone

Demeter and Persephone Part II
Even with Cerberus as her friend, Persephone was unhappy in the Underworld.
Even with Cerberus as her friend, Persephone was unhappy in the Underworld.
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Here is the second part of the story of Demeter and Persephone:

When Demeter came home from the fields, Persephone was nowhere to be seen. Demeter went to the orchard where Persephone had been picking apples, and found some apples spilled on the ground.

"Something terrible has happened to Persephone!" cried Demeter. She ran to search for her daughter.

After looking everywhere for her daughter, Demeter decided to visit Helios, the god of the sun. "Helios sees everything on earth. He will help me find Persephone," she said.

"I have seen Persephone," Helios said. He told Demeter that Hades had taken Persephone to the Underworld to be his queen.

Demeter knew how unhappy Persephone would be in the Underworld. Demeter became sad and lonely for her daughter. The earth became cold and snowy, and the crops in the field faded and died.

In the Underworld, Persephone was sad and lonely, too. She tried to make her new home a more beautiful place, but nothing helped. The ground was too cold to plant seeds, and there was no sunshine to help them grow. Finally she asked Hades to let her return to the earth.

"But you are the queen of the Underworld!" exclaimed Hades. "Not many girls have the chance to be a queen. I am sure you will be happy here if you only stay a while longer."

Persephone became friends with Cerberus. Although he looked ferocious, he was lonely just like her. Sometimes he walked with her through the gloomy caves of the Underworld.

But even with her new friend, Persephone missed the sunny days and lush fields where she had played on the earth.

Demeter missed her daughter more and more each passing day. Finally she traveled to Mount Olympus, the home of the gods. She asked Zeus, the most powerful god of all, for his help.

"Hades has kidnapped my daughter Persephone and taken her to the Underworld to be his queen! Please help me bring her back to earth again!" begged Demeter.

Demeter asked Zeus for help in getting her daughter back.
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Zeus saw that the earth had become cold and barren. He knew that he had to help Demeter to make the earth fruitful again.

"I will ask Hades to return Persephone," said Zeus sternly. "But if she has eaten any food in the Underworld, I may not be able to help her. Anyone who eats the food of the dead belongs forever to Hades."

With that, Zeus took his lightning bolt in hand and traveled to the Underworld.

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