Cinderella Part V
Cinderella and the prince led a happy life together.
Cinderella and the prince led a happy life together.
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Below is the fifth part of "Cinderella."

This tiny glass slipper is all that I have, he thought. I must use it to try to find her. That very day he began to search all over the land, trying to find the maiden who could wear the delicate glass slipper.

Finally, Cinderella heard a tap, tap, tap at her door. "It's the prince!" her older stepsister said gleefully. "Cinderella, he won't want to see you."

"Oh, how is my hair?" the other one wanted to know. Cinderella heard another tap, tap, tap at the door.

"Open the door, Mother! Open the door," the older one said.

"He's going to want to marry me," the younger one whispered.

"No, me," the other hissed.

Cinderella knew the slipper belonged to her. The stepsisters both tried to fit their large feet into the slipper. They pulled and tugged and pushed, but it was plain to see that their feet were just too big.

Cinderella had been watching from another room. She asked softly, "May I please try?" Her stepmother and stepsisters laughed and told her not to waste the prince's precious time.

The prince knelt and held out the glass slipper for Cinderella. Her foot slipped into it with ease! Cinderella pulled the other glass slipper from her apron pocket and put it on, too.

"It fits!" shrieked the stepmother.

"It fits!" howled the stepsisters.

"It fits!" whispered the prince. He looked deep into Cinderella's eyes and instantly knew she was the woman he was going to marry.

"There must be a mistake," the older stepsister cried.

"Mother, tell the prince he cannot marry Cinderella!" the other one sobbed.

"Please, Prince," the stepmother begged. "Let my daughters try on the shoe again. Perhaps this time it will fit."

The prince could not take his eyes off Cinderella. "I believe I have found my princess," he said. Then he suddenly fell to one knee. "My dear Cinderella," he said. "Will you please marry me?"

"Yes!" Cinderella cried. With that, her stepmother fainted. The prince took Cinderella's hand and escorted her to his royal carriage. Suddenly, six gray mice and a fat rat climbed on top of the carriage.

"What are they doing?" the prince wanted to know.

"They are my friends," Cinderella said joyously.

"Then they too shall be royalty," the prince said. He was so overcome with love and joy that he married Cinderella that very day! They lived happily ever after.

As for her stepmother and stepsisters, they too lived a long and happy life. Cinderella did not punish them. But they did have to learn how to do their own cooking, cleaning, and ironing. And that was punishment enough.

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