Cinderella Part IV
Everyone watched the prince dance with Cinderella.
Everyone watched the prince dance with Cinderella.
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Below is the fourth part of "Cinderella."

The prince was busy greeting his guests when he looked up to see Cinderella. He took one look at her and suddenly his heart began to race. He fell in love with the beautiful girl. All he could think about was dancing with the mysterious lady.

Everyone at the ball fell in love with Cinderella, too. Aside from being lovely, Cinderella was also charming and sweet. As the prince and Cinderella danced, all the people smiled and watched. No one recognized her, not even her stepsisters and stepmother.

The prince asked Cinderella to dance every dance. As they glided across the dance floor, Cinderella discovered that not only was the prince very handsome, but he was also very kind.

Cinderella was so happy, she forgot the time. The clock sounded the ninth stroke of midnight when Cinderella remembered the promise she had made to her fairy godmother. On the tenth stroke, Cinderella dashed out of the ballroom without ­another word to the prince, leaving him and the rest of the guests astonished!

On the eleventh stroke, she flew down the palace steps in such a hurry that she left one of her glass slippers behind.

On the twelfth stroke, Cinderella's dress was transformed back into tattered rags. She ran as fast as she could from the palace so that no one would recognize her.

Cinderella left in such a hurry that one of her slippers fell off.
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The prince ran after Cinderella, but it was too late. She was already gone. He wanted to call out to her, but he realized that she had never told him her name! The prince spied the glass slipper on the palace steps. It must belong to her, he thought. He vowed to find the slipper's mysterious owner.

Cinderella ran all the way home dressed in her rags. Her coach had turned back into a pumpkin, and the mice and the rat had all run away. All she had left of her beautiful evening at the ball was the other glass slipper.

The next day, everyone in the land could talk of nothing but the ball and the beautiful stranger who had stolen the prince's heart. The prince was

determined to find the girl he loved. He could not sleep or eat. He only dreamed of her.

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