Cinderella Part III
The fairy godmother changed Cinderella's ragged dress into a beautiful gown.
The fairy godmother changed Cinderella's ragged dress into a beautiful gown.
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Below is the third part of "Cinderella."

"But who will drive the coach?" Cinderella asked.

Just then, a family of six white mice wandered through the garden. Poof! They were suddenly strong white horses. The fairy godmother looked around the garden for a driver. She spied a plump rat nibbling on a bit of cheese under a flower. Poof! The rat was suddenly a handsome driver.

"Now, sweet girl, you can go to the ball!" said the fairy godmother proudly.

"But my clothes," whispered Cinderella. "I cannot go to the fancy ball in dirty rags!"

The fairy godmother thought for a moment, then waved her wand around Cinderella. Hundreds of sparkles shot out of the wand, then suddenly Cinderella's old dress turned into a lovely silk gown.

"Just beautiful," said the fairy godmother. "Now for the most important part,

your shoes!" With another wave of the wand, delicate glass slippers suddenly appeared on Cinderella's bare feet.

"Oh, thank you, fairy godmother!" cried Cinderella. "This will be the most

wonderful night of my life!"

With the help of her handsome footman, Cinderella stepped into the magical pumpkin coach. A shiver of excitement ran through her.

Just as the coach was about to pull away, Cinderella's fairy godmother called to her. "You must be home before the stroke of midnight, Cinderella," she warned. "At midnight, the coach will turn back into a pumpkin, the horses into mice, the driver into a rat. You must not be late!"

"I won't be late, fairy godmother. Thank you!" Cinderella waved out the window of her coach, pretending to be a real princess. The fairy godmother watched as Cinderella disappeared down the road. "I hope she meets her prince tonight," the fairy godmother said to herself.

The magical coach took Cinderella to the ball.
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The whole way to the castle, Cinderella's heart pounded with anticipation. When the coach arrived at the castle, Cinderella took a deep breath and waited for her driver to open the door for her.

Cinderella stepped out of her coach and gracefully climbed the stairs to the palace. She was so nervous, her knees were shaking.

When she appeared in the doorway of the ballroom, everyone turned to stare at her. Cinderella was far more beautiful than any of the princesses, duchesses, and noble ladies in attendance. The other guests hushed as Cinderella walked down the staircase.

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