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(Santa's Workshop, The North Pole, November 27, 2007) -- It's not often that Santa gives up his secrets, but this year, for the first time ever, Kris Kringle has decided to spill the beans to HowStuffWorks ( on some of the most sought-after answers to the mysteries of Christmas.

HowStuffWorks unwraps it all with its annual Christmas Channel ( -- an insider's guide to answering all the secrets of Christmas. In true HowStuffWorks fashion, our team of know-it-alls has scoured the Earth, seeking answers to all the things you ever wondered about Christmas.

Find out …

  • How Santa's sleigh works
  • How Santa gets a little help from NASA to make it around the world in one night
  • How Santa's elves make all those presents
  • What the "12 Days of Christmas" means
  • The deal with Rudolph's red nose
  • What a yule log is
  • How Santa makes it down a chimney

The HowStuffWorks Christmas Channel is the ultimate roundup of Christmas-related insight, history, tips and facts. It also includes practical tips on picking out the right tree and keeping your home safe for the holidays, as well as special holiday recipes, the ultimate guide to Christmas carols, gift ideas for the whole family and party planning tips.

Whether you're a parent looking to explain the holidays to your kids, a teacher looking for a unique lesson plan or a Christmas enthusiast looking for practical tips on how to make this holiday season run a little smoother, the HowStuffWorks Christmas Channel is a one-stop shop on all things related to the holidays.

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