How Camcorder Parts Work

Camcorder with the outer shell removed
Camcorder with the outer shell removed

Ever wondered what the inside of your camcorder looks like? Camcorders pack an incredible amount of technology into a small space, so the interior is amazing! To read more about camcorders, read How Camcorders Work.

A typical camcorder contains two parts:

  • A camera section, consisting of a CCD, lens and motors to handle the zoom, focus and apeture
  • A VCR section, in which a typical TV VCR is shrunk down to fit in a much smaller space.

These two sections are easily seen in the following photos.

The camcorder's VCR unit
The camcorder's camera unit
The camera lens system
The camcorder's Charge Coupled Device (CCD)
The infrared autofocus mechanism
The motors that focus the camera lenses

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