Bugville Bridge

Bugville Bridge Part II
The flies brought in fresh strands of licorice.
The flies brought in fresh strands of licorice.
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Below is the second part of "Bugville Bridge."

Queen Lady Bug brought out the plans and handed them over to Gus. "I'm counting on you to lead the crew to build a new bridge to Harvest Hill," she told him. "In fact, all of Bugville is counting on you."

Gus nodded. He was honored to take such an important job. He looked up at the queen and said, "We'll need carrots and celery and pretzels and cheese. I know I can help to make Bugville Bridge better than ever. But I'll need others to pitch in and lend a hand!"

With Queen Lady Bug's help, Gus Grasshopper spread the word around town. All the bugs were buzzing with excitement. Everyone would help build the new bridge. The beetles and the caterpillars spent the whole day digging, while the dragonflies brought the longest, crispiest celery stalks back from Harvest Hill.


The ants were in charge of the pickle chips -- no one had to tell the ants how to get a whole lot of food from one place to another -- while the flies brought in fresh strands of licorice. Meanwhile, the centipedes all got together to carry the pretzels back.

The centipedes got to carry pretzels back.
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Queen Lady Bug was very pleased. She had never seen so much activity in Bugville. It appeared as though every bug was working on the bridge. But most of all, Queen Lady Bug was thrilled to see all the insects working together.

"The mosquitoes are getting along with the moths," she told Gus, "and the termites are helping the earwigs!"

The resident insects of Bugville worked together marvelously. The new bridge was looking fantastic. At last the new Bugville Bridge was finished.

The new bridge was looking fantastic.
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"Hurrah!" the bugs of Bugville buzzed.

Gus Grasshopper and Queen Lady Bug beamed with pride, too.

"The bridge looks great!" cheered Gus Grasshopper.

"It looks good enough to eat," Queen Lady Bug joked, but they all knew better than that.

This new bridge was even better than the last one. It was tall and strong and built to last. And best of all, the bugs of Bugville did it together.

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