Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Part IV
The beast was near dead, lying in his garden.
The beast was near dead, lying in his garden.
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Below is the fourth part of "Beauty and the Beast."

"Is he really ugly?" her sisters ­wanted to know.

Beauty nodded and then said, "He may be ugly, but his heart is very kind."

"Do you talk much to him?" her brothers wanted to know.

"Yes, we talk every night at dinner," Beauty said. "He is very good company," she added.

Beauty enjoyed the time she spent with her family. Her father's luck had changed, so they were rich once again. But as the weeks passed, Beauty began to miss the enchanted castle. She missed the wonderful food and beautiful flowers that always seemed to appear magically on her table.

But most of all, she missed the beast. She spent hours thinking of their long talks at dinnertime, and she fondly remembered their evening strolls through the gardens.

One night, Beauty missed the beast more than usual. She took the magic ring out of her jewelry box and put it on her finger. When she looked deep into the jewel, she saw the beast lying in his garden. He seemed to be dying!

"Oh, my poor, wonderful beast!" cried Beauty. With that, she turned the ring on her finger and was magically returned to the enchanted garden.

Beauty gasped when she saw the beast lying on the ground. He seemed nearly dead. Beauty rushed to his side, but the beast was so weak he could not move. She lifted up his head, and he opened his eyes to look at her one last time.

"Oh, please do not die!" cried Beauty. "I never knew it before, but I love you!"

"Will you marry me, Beauty?" the beast whispered.

"Yes," Beauty answered, holding the beast's hand tightly.

At Beauty's words there was a sudden flash of light, and the beast leaped up. Beauty saw that her ugly friend had changed into a handsome prince. "An evil enchantress put me under an evil spell, and only true love could free me from it," the prince exclaimed.

The prince and Beauty lived happily together in the castle.
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Beauty could hardly believe her eyes. The beast was now the most handsome prince she had ever seen. "You broke the spell with your love," the prince said, grasping Beauty's hand.

The prince sent for Beauty's family, and he and Beauty were married the next day. They lived happily ever after in the enchanted castle.

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