Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Part III
Beauty and the beast ate dinner together every night in the castle.
Beauty and the beast ate dinner together every night in the castle.
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Below is the third part of "Beauty and the Beast."

Every night she sat down to dinner with the beast. He looked quite fierce, but his voice was quiet and gentle, and he always spoke kindly to Beauty. Soon she found ­herself growing more and more fond of him.

In fact, Beauty came to look forward to their quiet evenings together. After dinner they would walk through the beautiful gardens and talk of many things. No matter what they discussed, the beast would ask Beauty to marry him.

"Oh, please do not ask me that question," she would say to the beast.

Although Beauty was happy in the magical castle, she missed her own home, her brothers and ­sisters, and her loving father. One night, she asked the beast if she could go home to visit her family.

The beast would miss Beauty. He had grown to love her. But he wanted her to be happy, so he agreed that she could go home for two months. Beauty was so delighted, she kissed the beast's furry cheek.

Then the beast took Beauty to a room that had two trunks in it. "Please fill these two trunks with gifts for your family," he said.

"Thank you," Beauty exclaimed. "My sisters and brothers will be delighted!" Beauty packed the trunks. But no matter how much she packed, the trunks were never full.

When Beauty was ready to go home, the beast gave her a special gift. It was a magic ring with a large red jewel. "This ring will take you back home. Just turn it on your finger."

The next morning, Beauty awoke to the sound of her father's voice! She was home in her own bed. Her family was very happy to see her. Later, as Beauty pulled gift after gift from the magical trunks, her family ­marveled at the

beast's generosity.

Beauty's family loved the gifts from the beast.
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"This is the most beautiful necklace I've ever seen," Beauty's oldest sister said.

"This dress is made out of the finest fabrics," the other ­sister exclaimed happily.

Beauty's family made a wonderful feast that night to welcome her home. Everyone gathered around the table and listened while Beauty told them all about the enchanted castle, her room, and the beautiful ­gardens. She also told them how much she had grown to like her friend, the beast.

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