Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Part II
The beast suddenly appeared by the rose bush.
The beast suddenly appeared by the rose bush.
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Below is the second part of "Beauty and the Beast."

"Hello!" he yelled. His voice echoed through the castle's great hallway. He continued walking down the marble hall until he found a cheerful little room with a table full of delicious food. He ate his fill, then fell asleep in front of the roaring fire.

The next morning there was still no sign of anyone in the castle, so he ­decided to go home. On his way through the gardens, he saw a rosebush blooming with red roses. He remembered Beauty's request and picked one. Just as he snipped the flower from its branch, a horrible beast in a fine suit appeared as if by magic!

"Is this how you thank me? I feed and shelter you and then you steal from me?" growled the beast.

Beauty's father pleaded for his life. He told the beast the flower was a gift for his youngest daughter.

The beast said that he would not kill him but would accept one of his daughters instead. He promised to treat the daughter kindly if she would come to live with him.

"Please," begged Beauty's father. "Take me instead!"

But the beast refused. Beauty's father returned home that day and told his ­children what had happened. Neither of the two oldest daughters wanted to go live with the beast.

"It's all right, Father," Beauty said quietly. "It was my rose that started the trouble, and so I must be the one to go."

The other children all agreed that Beauty should go. Their father was very sad, because he loved Beauty very much. But he knew that she was the bravest of them all.

The next day, Beauty and her father went to the beast's castle. Again they found no one in the enchanted castle, and again supper was set on the table. This time, the beast appeared as they finished eating. Beauty was frightened by the beast's terrible face, but he spoke very gently to her. "Are you willing to stay with me to save your father?" he asked in a soft voice.

Beauty looked into the beast's eyes and saw that they were very kind. She was not afraid of him. "I will stay," she answered.

The next day, after Beauty's father left, she quickly made the beast's castle her home. Beauty had her own room with mirrors for walls and a clock that woke her by calling out her name. She spent her days alone, exploring the wonders of the castle.

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