Bear Cub

Bear Cub, Part II
Mother Bear chases a wolf away.
Mother Bear chases a wolf away.
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Below is the second part of "Bear Cub."

Bear cubs stay with their mother about two years. During this time, they learn many survival tips, such as what to eat and how to escape danger, before they venture out on their own.

Mother Bear teaches her baby cub to turn over fallen branches and look for grubs to eat. With their long, sharp claws, Baby Bear and Mother Bear dig up bulbs, roots, and snails.

Bears will eat almost anything they can get their paws on, including grasses, berries, tree bark, plants, insects, some small mammals, and, of course, sweet honey!

When his mother stops to rest, Baby Bear likes to play. He climbs all over her. He somersaults into her lap and nibbles her ears, then runs off to chase a tiny field mouse.

When Mother Bear looks up from playing with her cub, she sees that a lean wolf is watching her and Baby Bear. Quickly she chases the cub into a hollow tree stump. Then she turns to face the wolf.

Mother Bear stands up on her hind legs, swings her front paws, and roars a loud growl. The wolf runs away.

Bears have five claws on each foot. They use their front paws for catching and holding prey, digging for insects and roots, and climbing trees.

Mother Bear calls to her cub, but he doesn't come out of the hollow stump. Mother Bear goes to find out why.

Baby Bear finds a yummy treat.
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Baby Bear has found a treat. It is a honeycomb with honey from last summer still inside. Baby Bear sticks his little paw in the honeycomb and then licks it. He tastes the wildflowers of summer in the sweet honey.

As Baby Bear's first summer draws to an end, he is able to find his own food, although he might drink milk from Mother Bear occasionally. Now he must eat as much food as he can to prepare for his winter sleep.

Baby Bear tastes the wildflowers of summer in the sweet honey.
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When Baby Bear backs out of the hollow log, he brings some tasty honeycomb for his mother. She happily eats the honey, and then she and her cub give each other a true bear hug.

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