Serves Up a Menu of Healthy Back-to-School Stuff for Families

ATLANTA - September 2, 2009 - As summer winds down, parents and students are met with the reality that it's time to go back to school., the Web site famous for demystifying the world, gives parents the tools and information they need to have a healthy and smart start to the school year.

Food For Thought

For parents, "back to school" can also mean back to busy schedules, soccer practice, study groups and ballet lessons. All too often, breakfast is rushed, lunch requires packing and kids are famished by the time they get home. Despite the rush, parents can instill healthy eating habits in their kids through simple tips that can be easily applied every day. hosts a market of healthy food content designed to help guide smarter meal choices in the upcoming school year:

  • From fried foods to sugary sodas that clutter cafeteria tables, making healthy choices often begins with what not to eat, and identifies the five worst school lunch menu items. Steer clear of these dietary disasters!
  • While some schools still serve less-than-desirable lunch items, many have traded in French fries and soggy tater tots for grilled chicken and veggies. highlights the top 10 healthiest school lunch plans. Did your child's school make the list?
  • For those of you who may prefer brown-bagging your children's lunches, serves up a menu of healthy food options, highlighting some of the best foods for growing brains. Check out 10 Superfoods for Kids.

In addition to feeding bellies, also feeds growing brains with an abundance of resources for staying in the know. From articles like how to better understand math averages to podcasts such as Stuff You Missed in History Class and everything in between, has everything you need for boosting your back-to-school IQ.

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