Baby Pig

Baby Pig, Part II
Baby Pig shakes her head, but the pail doesn't move.
Baby Pig shakes her head, but the pail doesn't move.
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Below is the second part of "Baby Pig."

Sometimes, the girl takes Baby Pig for walks. Today, they're going for a short walk down the road. Baby Pig likes to go for walks, because there are lots of new things for her to see. She watches a squirrel run up a tree and a rabbit hop into a bush.

Baby Pig stops to smell the yellow flowers that grow along the road. As they walk farther up the road, they see dogs herding a large flock of sheep. Baby Pig wants to help, but the girl tells her, "No, Baby Pig, pigs don't herd sheep."

Then they stop under an apple tree to rest. The girl feeds Baby Pig an apple for being so good.

Baby Pig is hungry again. This time, Baby Pig tries the corn growing in the field. She squeezes under the fence and races for the big cornstalks. Baby Pig knocks over a cornstalk and eats the ears of corn.

Soon Baby Pig sees a rabbit hopping around the cornstalks and chases it. Baby Pig wants to play, but the rabbit disappears down a hole. Now Baby Pig is lost. The corn is too tall! Baby Pig can't see the barnyard.

Then Baby Pig hears a familiar voice. It's the girl! Baby Pig squeals and the girl comes running to find her.

Baby Pig is five months old now. She's too big to be picked up and carried by the girl. But she likes to follow the girl around the barnyard while the girl does her chores. She watches as the girl throws grain on the ground and the chickens

gobble it up.

Sometimes, the girl takes Baby Pig for walks.
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Then Baby Pig follows the girl into the barn. The girl climbs up a ladder into the hayloft. She throws hay down to the barn floor to feed the cows. The girl doesn't notice the hay falling on top of Baby Pig. Baby Pig is covered in hay. When the girl sees the pig in the hay, she giggles playfully and says, "Sorry, Baby Pig."

The farm is quiet. It is nighttime, now. In the barn, the cows sleepily eat one last mouthful of hay. The calves are already asleep in their stalls. The hens are sitting on their nests in the hen house. Their chicks are safely tucked under their mothers' feathers. Outside, the pigs are back in their sty. They are lying down and getting ready to sleep, too.

The barnyard is dark and empty now. The farmhouse is quiet. Baby Pig and the girl sit on the bottom step of the porch. They watch the fireflies blinking on and off in the darkness. When it is time for bed, the girl walks Baby Pig back to her pen and gives her a good-night hug.

Baby Pig is five months old now.
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Now Baby Pig is one year old. Soon she will have her own babies. Every day the girl brings food and stops to talk to her.

When the new piglets are born, the girl chooses one to be her new pet. She knows this piglet is just as special as Baby Pig.

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