Baby Pig

Mother Pig feeds her new litter of piglets.
Mother Pig feeds her new litter of piglets.
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A pair of big brown eyes peek through the wooden fence in the barn. A young girl kneels in the hay and watches Mother Pig feed her new litter of piglets. The girl stays quiet. She counts the tiny tails -- one, two, three . . . all the way up to nine.

The girl gets up and quietly moves around to the other side. Now the girl can see all of the piglets. They are all perfectly pink -- except for the littlest one on the end. She has brown spots all over her body. This is the little girl's favorite piglet. She calls her Baby Pig.

Baby Pig moves with her family to a new home. It is called a sty or pigpen. It has a fence around it and hay on the ground. Baby Pig lives here with Mother and Father Pig and her sisters and brothers. At night, the piglets sleep close together to stay warm. Sometimes they even sleep on top of one another.

Today, Baby Pig wakes up first. She sniffs the ground looking for food. She is hungry all the time. Suddenly Baby Pig hears the girl coming. Baby Pig watches her pour the food into a long wooden bucket called a trough. Now all of the pigs are awake. Baby Pig has to push past the other hungry pigs to eat.

Today, Baby Pig and her family are going into the barnyard with the other animals. Baby Pig likes the barnyard, because it is much bigger than the sty. There is more room for her to run and play.

The girl opens the gate of the pigpen. One by one, the piglets follow their mother and father into the barnyard. A curious calf comes up to sniff Baby Pig. She doesn't mind. She wants to play, but Mother Pig grunts loudly and the calf moves away. 

The girl's favorite piglet has brown spots all over her body.
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Baby Pig walks over to the fence, sniffing the ground for food. The girl comes over and says, "Are you hungry, Baby Pig? Here's a treat for you." The little girl gives the pig an apple.

It is summertime on the farm and very hot. The ground is dry and dusty. In the shade of the barn, the chickens roll in the dust to keep their feathers from sticking together. Baby Pig doesn't sweat, so she needs to roll in the mud to get cool.

Soon the girl brings out a hose and makes a big mud hole by squirting water on the dirt. Baby Pig is the first one to jump in. She rolls and wriggles and splashes until she is covered in mud. She's not hot anymore. The other pigs follow Baby Pig. They run and jump into the mud, too. Soon all the pigs are the color of mud. The little girl laughs. "I can hardly see you in all that mud," she says.

The little girl gives the pig an apple.
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Baby Pig is looking for something good to eat. She walks over to where the chickens are eating, but she doesn't want to eat grain. She walks over to where the cows are eating, but she doesn't want to eat hay.

Maybe there is something good to eat in the barn. Baby Pig sticks her head in a pail, but it is empty. She tries to pull her head out, but the pail won't come off! Baby Pig shakes her head, but the pail doesn't move. She begins to run. The chickens and roosters see Baby Pig and run away. The geese see her, too, and honk and fly up on the fence.

Splash! Baby Pig lands in the mud. Finally the pail pops off!

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