Baby Penguin

Even though she is three weeks old, Baby Penguin has never left her nest.
Even though she is three weeks old, Baby Penguin has never left her nest.
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Ark! Ark! At the frozen seaside, the penguins greet each other with a loud barking noise. Father Penguin returns from a swim in the sea. He builds up speed until he can leap out of the water and land on the ice. Then he shakes the water off his feathers. It is now Father Penguin's turn to stay close to the nest so Mother Penguin can go fishing.

Mother Penguin climbs from the nest. Her movements wake her baby. Baby Penguin blinks her bright black eyes.

Baby Penguin is a slowpoke. When she was born, she took half a day to break out of her shell. It takes a long time for her to eat, too. And even though she is three weeks old, she has never left her nest.

Baby Penguin looks around. Penguins are everywhere, and they are all squawking loudly! They sure are noisy.

Penguins are birds, but they cannot fly. Baby Penguin's wings are really more like flippers. Although she'll never fly in the sky like other birds, Baby Penguin will be able to fly through the water with her special wings.

Each family of penguins guards its nest. If a stranger gets too close, Father Penguin stretches his neck. His neck feathers fluff out. He points his head up to the sky and grunts. Baby Penguin stretches her neck and grunts, too.

Penguins are everywhere, and they are all squawking loudly.
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Father Penguin and his baby tell the stranger to keep away from their home.

Father Penguin protected Baby Penguin when she was just an egg, too. He held the egg on top of his feet so it wouldn't touch the ice for almost two months. A flap of warm belly skin covered the egg and kept it warm. Baby Penguin is lucky to have Father Penguin!

Mother and Father Penguin must go fishing often to catch enough food for their tiny baby. They will have to leave her for a while. Baby Penguin's mother and father bring her to a group of young penguins. She slowly waddles after them.

Baby Penguin will be safe in this group. The older penguins will watch for danger. They circle around the babies and shelter them from cold winds. If an enemy approaches the babies, the adult penguins will beat their wings and screech, scaring the enemy away.

Baby Penguin snuggles with the others. She falls asleep. Baby Penguin does not notice the group moving away from her. She wakes up and sees a bird diving at her!

The older penguins will watch for danger.
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Luckily, an older penguin is nearby. The big penguin runs toward Baby Penguin, waving his flippers and barking loudly. He scares the bird, and it flies away!

Baby Penguin hasn't learned how to escape danger yet. Soon Mother and Father Penguin will teach her how to swim really fast through the water and away from danger.

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