Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga Part II
Baba Yaga was a witch who lived in the dark forest.
Baba Yaga was a witch who lived in the dark forest.
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Below is the second part of Baba Yaga.

Vasilissa shivered with fear, for she had heard about Baba Yaga, a witch who lived in the dark forest. Baba Yaga's house stood on the legs of a giant chicken. Baba Yaga ate people! Yet, Vasilissa did as she was told and headed into the dark forest, her beloved doll clutched in her hands. Soon Vasilissa arrived at Baba Yaga's house, where the old witch asked her what she wanted.

"I just need to borrow a bit of fire," Vasilissa replied.

"Well, come inside then," cackled Baba Yaga.

Vasilissa climbed into Baba Yaga's house and became even more frightened at the things she saw. There were cawing ravens and hissing snakes. There were bones, and creatures in pickle jars, and things so strange that Vasilissa did not even know what they were.

Baba Yaga's home was filled with cawing ravens and hissing snakes.
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"If you want to take home a bit of fire, you'll have to do these things," said Baba Yaga, handing Vasilissa a list of many, many chores.

With that, Baba Yaga left for the day. Vasilissa was worried that she would never finish all of the chores in time. But when she turned around, she saw that the doll her mother had given her had come to life! Not only was the doll alive, but it had already cleaned Baba Yaga's entire house, and had done the rest of the chores, too.

"Thank you, my little doll," Vasilissa said.

All of the chores done, Vasilissa made supper for Baba Yaga, and set the table for when she returned. Soon, Baba Yaga arrived back home. She had not expected the house to be so tidy -- she had hoped that the girl would have done nothing, for then she could have eaten her.

"Very well, Vasilissa," said old Baba Yaga. "You may take a bit of fire home with you. Now get going!"

Vasilissa found her father, and her wicked stepmother was gone.
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Vasilissa did just that, hurrying back home. When she arrived at home with the fire, Vasilissa found that her father had returned from his trip -- and that her evil stepmother and stepsister were gone!

"Vasilissa, you are home!" said her father. "I returned to find that you had been sent to Baba Yaga's house. I told that wicked women and her daughter to leave and never come back. Oh, I'm so glad that you are safe!" From then on, father and daughter and doll lived happily ever after.

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