A Man Who Could Transform Himself

A Man Who Could Transform Himself Part II
The brothers played the trick at another market.
The brothers played the trick at another market.
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Below is the second part of "A Man Who Could Transform Himself."

The man followed the animal's trail. On the ground he saw the prints of a lion's paws. "It has already been taken by a lion!" the man cried out. Then he went home, feeling sad that he had lost his bull.

The animal ran on, and when it was far enough away, it changed itself back into Jamal. Jamal then returned home and saw the cows and goats that Ebopp brought back from the market that day.


The brothers played the same trick at another market the next day. Again, Jamal transformed himself into a bull. Ebopp sold him for some goats and took the goats back home. At the same time, Jamal, as the bull, was being taken to the home of the man who bought him. Jamal did not know that his new owner had also been to the medicine man and now had his own magical powers.

Jamal, the bull, leaped off the man's truck and ran away.

The owner chased the bull toward the forest and very nearly caught it. That's when Jamal decided to change into a lion, thinking that the man would be scared if he saw a huge lion. But the other man also changed into a lion and kept chasing Jamal.

Jamal changed into a bird and the man into a kite.
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When Jamal saw that he was about to be caught, he changed himself into a bird and flew away. But the other man changed into a kite, and both of them flew around in the sky, with the kite chasing the bird.

Again, Jamal saw he was close to being caught. So he came down to the ground, changed himself into an antelope, and continued to run. The man chasing Jamal changed into a wolf, and the two ran on till at last Jamal stopped.

After both men changed back into human beings, Jamal said, "Okay, let's go to my house, and I'll give you back your goats." They went to Jamal's house, and Jamal and Ebopp did indeed give the goats back to the man.

Jamal had learned one thing for sure. He had met his match in making magic!

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