A Man Who Could Transform Himself

Jamal traded goats for magical powers.
Jamal traded goats for magical powers.
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There once was a man named Jamal. He and his older brother Ebopp were orphans who lived together. When their parents passed away they left a few cows and several goats for the two brothers to care for.

One day Jamal said to his brother, "Let me take the goats and go to a medicine man. If I give him these goats, I am sure he will give me magical powers."

Ebopp agreed that Jamal should give it a try.

Jamal traveled for several days to bring the goats to a famous medicine man in the low country. Jamal presented the goats to him, and the medicine man was so grateful that he gave Jamal magical powers. Now Jamal could transform himself into any kind of animal he wanted.

Jamal returned home and told his brother Ebopp about his new powers. Jamal then said, "If I change into an animal, don't tell anyone my secret."

Ebopp promised Jamal that he would never tell anyone about his special powers.

One day Jamal changed himself into a huge bull, and Ebopp took him to the market. Jamal and Ebopp had a secret plan. Ebopp would sell Jamal as a bull, then Jamal would run away from his buyer and change back into a human. Jamal and Ebopp would keep whatever they got from the buyer they tricked.

All of the people at the market who saw Ebopp and the bull, which was really Jamal, stopped and stared. "Where has such a big bull come from?" they all asked. One man at the market wanted to buy something wonderful, so he asked how much that big bull cost.

"This is a fine bull, so it will cost you two cows and five goats," answered Ebopp. The man happily agreed to the price and bought the bull.

The man chased the run-away bull.
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The buyer planned to show off his new bull to impress the father of the woman he wanted to marry. The buyer left with the bull and headed toward his home, but before he got there the bull started to run away. The man chased after it, but he was not able to keep up.

When it was out of sight, the bull quickly changed itself so that one half looked like a lion. Then it disappeared into a dark forest.

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