A Brer Rabbit Story

A Brer Rabbit Story Part III
Startled, Brer Fox began to run!
Startled, Brer Fox began to run!
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Below is the conclusion to this Brer Rabbit story:

"I'm a-gonna throw you into kingdom come, Rabbit!" yelled Brer Fox.

"Oh, no you're not. Giddyup!" shouted Brer Rabbit. And with that, he popped that bag right over Brer Fox's ears.

"Yeeoow!" shrieked Brer Fox. He thought a hunter had taken a clean shot at him. He jumped up in the air like a mad grasshopper and took off down the other side of the bridge.

Brer Fox galloped toward Miss Goose's house with Brer Rabbit hanging on to the saddle and yodeling all the way.

"Giddyup, you ol' nag!" cried Brer Rabbit. Poor Brer Fox just kept on galloping along past the briar patch, past the farmer's garden, past the duck pond, and right up to Miss Goose's house.

Miss Goose, Miss Sheep, and Miss Pig had heard Brer Rabbit yodeling from a long way off. When Brer Fox came galloping up with Brer Rabbit on his back, they thought they had never seen anything so funny.

The party guests laughed when they saw Brer Rabbit riding Brer Fox.
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"Whoa!" shouted Brer Rabbit as Brer Fox galloped up to Miss Goose's house. Brer Fox skidded to a stop and flopped on the ground right on the doorstep.

"Aft'noon, ladies," said Brer Rabbit as he climbed down. "I am very sorry for bein' late, but my ol' horse here jus' don't run like he used to."

Miss Goose, Miss Sheep, and Miss Pig burst with gigglement. They thought Brer Rabbit sure got Brer Fox good this time.

Poor old Brer Fox sat in the front yard of Miss Goose's house, sputtering and gluttering and catching his breath. He was so mad he could spit.

"That rabbit tricked me good dis time. I don' know how I'm a-gonna do it, but I'm a-gonna git dat rabbit one day, once an' for all," he fumed.

Once again, Brer Fox had failed to get rid of Brer Rabbit.
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Brer Fox felt a little bit better after tasting Miss Goose's birthday cake.

Ever since that day, ol' Brer Fox has kept trying to outsmart Brer Rabbit. And ever since that day sneaky Brer Rabbit has been just one step ahead of Brer Fox.

So if you ever see a rabbit hopping around in a briar patch, or if you glimpse a fox snooping around a farmer's garden, it just might be crafty ol' Brer Rabbit and sneaky ol' Brer Fox trying to outfox each other again.

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