A Brer Rabbit Story

Brer Fox was always making a plan to get rid of Brer Rabbit.
Brer Fox was always making a plan to get rid of Brer Rabbit.
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I am going to tell you a story about Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox. But first, you ought to know a thing or two about rabbits and foxes.

Rabbits and foxes just never seem to get along. This is probably because foxes are always trying to make a meal out of rabbits, and rabbits are always trying to outfox foxes.

Brer Rabbit was the craftiest rabbit ever to cross a fox's path. Brer Fox was always trying to catch Brer Rabbit, but Brer Rabbit always had a trick up his sleeve.

One day, Brer Fox decided to get Brer Rabbit once and for all. Brer Fox knew that Brer Rabbit liked to go over to the farmer's garden every day for carrots and cabbages.

Brer Fox decided to hide behind a big tree on the road to the garden and wait for Brer Rabbit to pass. The tree was on the edge of a briar patch, full of bushes with thorns and burrs.

"I'm a-gonna wait right here for that sneaky rabbit an' cook 'im up in a rabbit stew!" said Brer Fox, proud of his sneaky plan.

Soon Brer Rabbit came hippity-hopping down the road to the garden. Brer Fox jumped out from behind the tree and grabbed him up as quick as he could.

"I'm a-gonna brew a stew out of you, Rabbit!" said Brer Fox.

Brer Rabbit had to think quickly!
Brer Rabbit had to think quickly!
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Brer Rabbit had to do some fast talking. "You can cook me up in a big ol' pot an' serve me for dinner, but please don't throw me into dat briar patch yonder!" cried Brer Rabbit.

Brer Fox thought for a moment. "Now, maybe dat stew would be too much bother for me. I'm a-gonna roast you up instead!"

"You can fire up your ol' stove an roast me an' serve me up with fried taters, but pleeease don't throw me in dat briar patch!" pleaded Brer Rabbit.

This was starting to sound like a lot of work to Brer Fox. He really just wanted to get that rabbit out of his hair once and for all. "Naw, your scrawny hide ain't worth troublin' over. I'm jus' gonna string you up from that ol' hick'ry tree an' git you outta my hair," said Brer Fox.

"String me up an' let me swing, but whatever you do, please don't throw me into that terr'ble briar patch!" cried Brer Rabbit.

Suddenly, Brer Fox knew just the thing to do. "Seems to me jus' about the worst thing I kin do is throw you into dat ol' briar patch, Rabbit," said Brer Fox.

Brer Fox was bigger than Brer Rabbit, but Brer Rabbit was a fast talker.
Brer Fox was bigger than Brer Rabbit, but Brer Rabbit was a fast talker.
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"An' dat's jus' what I'm a-gonna do!" And with that, Brer Fox swung Brer Rabbit over his head and threw him into the middle of the briar patch.

"Yow! Oh, I'm a-gonna die!" yowled Brer Rabbit as he sailed through the air.

But as soon as he landed in the briar patch, all Brer Fox could hear was Brer Rabbit hee-hawing and guffawing in gigglement. Brer Fox knew he'd been had again.

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