10 Great Motorcycle Trips

Image Gallery: Motorcycles No matter how much time you have, a motorcycle can be the perfect vehicle for traveling around the country and taking in the sights. See more pictures of motorcycles.

Into the life of every motorcycle owner a little wanderlust must fall. It's to be assumed we all have our own reasons for buying that machine and giving it so much loving care, but at some point, you can bet you're going to get the urge to see just how far the two of you can go together.

If you really consider your aims, interests and what excites you -- beautiful vistas, historic sites or even just a particular region -- you can enjoy the road for more than just a means to an end. Here, we'll look at 10 great rides, from the extremely rough to the slow-and-easy, that should suit any mood or interest. Be bold, be brave, be safe, and, above all, make sure to enjoy yourself. Every mile along the way.