The Moral of "The Ant and the Grasshopper"

The ants' hard work pays off when winter comes. The Grasshopper, who plays all summer, has no food when the weather gets colder. The Grasshopper sees the ants' work as no fun, but the Grasshopper soon learns that it is no fun to be cold and hungry, either.

Putting off things that you don't want to do is easy. After you play a game, playing another game without putting the first one away is easy. Nevertheless, when too many toys are out at once, they can get lost or broken.

Putting away your toys after you play with them keeps them nice and ready for the next time you want to play.

Now that's fun!

The Ant and the Grasshopper Part III

Below is the ending to the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper:

The Grasshopper crept into the home of the field mouse family. It was warm inside. There was no sign of rice, but the Grasshopper was sure they would have something else nice.

"Thank you for visiting, Mr. Grasshopper," said Mother Mouse. "I would invite you to stay, but all of my sisters and brothers are moving in for the winter. Isn't that nice? Oh, here they are now!"

A crowd of mice rushed into the nest. It was nice to see them hugging each other. But the Grasshopper wanted the kind of nice that meant he had a place to live and something to eat. He was out of luck at the Mouse house.

The Grasshopper hopped back to the orchard. The ground was so cold that it hurt his tiny feet. "Where are those ants, now that I need them?" sang the Grasshopper.

Suddenly snow began to fall. It covered the Grasshopper. With a jump, he fluttered his wings. He had to get inside or he would freeze!

Hopping as fast as he could, the Grasshopper raced to the Ant's home. "Is anybody home?" he called as he stepped into the tunnels.

"Why aren't you out playing in the snow?" asked the wise Ant.

The Grasshopper wanted to say that he had just come by for a visit. But he could feel the cold wind on his back. Sadly, the Grasshopper sang, "I should have listened to what you said. Now I'm cold and scared and unfed." It wasn't his best song, but he hoped the Ant would understand.

The Ant did understand. But he wanted to be sure that the Grasshopper understood, too. "We got our food for the winter by working hard. If you stay with us this winter, you'll have to work hard, too."

The Grasshopper gulped. What if it was a long winter, like the one squirrel said? But then he remembered the ice and snow.

"Your job here will be to sing for us. Every day." Then the Ant laughed. "Because winter is our time to play."

the grasshopper entertained the ants all winter long

In exchange for food and a place to stay, the Grasshopper entertained the Ants all winter long.

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All that winter, the Grasshopper sang for the Ant and his huge family. And the next summer, the Grasshopper sang a song as he helped to gather food. "Summer work is slow and steady. But when winter comes, I'll be ready!"

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