The Ant and the Grasshopper Part II

Here is the second part of the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper:

The Grasshopper thought about the Ant's suggestion that he store food for a second. "Not today, I've got to play," he sang and hopped his way through the grass.

When he found a toadstool, he said, "This will put a roof over my head. So I'll just eat later instead."

The Grasshopper had just fallen asleep when he heard a plop! The next thing he knew, his toadstool was falling over.

"Oh, I'm sorry," chattered a squirrel above him. "My paws were so full of nuts that I dropped some. You can have them if you like."

The Grasshopper hopped away. "No, thank you. I don't like nuts, no ifs, ands, or buts."

All throughout the fields and in the forests, he saw squirrels gathering nuts.

They chattered to one another, "I found more!" "Have you heard? This winter is going to be snowy!" and "I have a bunch of nuts, but I want to be sure. It will be a long winter!"

The squirrels were busy preparing for winter -- but not the Grasshopper.

The Squirrels were busy preparing for winter -- but not the Grasshopper.

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All this work was making it very hard to play, and to sleep. In the hay field, the Grasshopper found a warm, sunny rock. He was just settling down, when the ants began marching by again.

"You again!" he said to the Ant. "I thought by now you'd have enough. You can't eat all that stuff!"

The Ant smiled, but he did not stop to talk. "It's always better to have a little extra than not enough," he called.

The Grasshopper frowned. The sun had moved, and the rock was cold. In the distance, the farmer was cutting hay. "Doesn't anybody here know when to play?" he asked aloud.

He hopped off to the apple orchard. Most of the leaves were gone from the tree. But the Grasshopper found a few small apples on the ground. He munched on them until he was full.

The grasshopper at the apples he found on the ground.

Apples made a delicious meal with no work at all.

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Then he settled in for a nap near the root of the tree. The Grasshopper shivered. He looked around for a sunny spot, but the sun was already gone from the sky. "Someone needs to tell the sun that its working day is not done," he sang unhappily.

The sun was one thing the Grasshopper didn't mind seeing at work. With each day, though, it seemed to work less and less.

The ground seemed colder, too. One day, when the Grasshopper tried to nibble an apple, he found that it was frozen. "I don't like my apple in ice," said the Grasshopper. He was so chilly that it was hard to think of a second line to his rhyme. "Ice, nice, rice, mice. . . ."

the grasshopper looks for something to eat in the snow

When winter came, even the apples were cold.

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The Grasshopper tried to think of something nice. "A warm place with lots of rice," he sang in a shivery voice. He didn't really like rice, but he was getting hungry. Then he thought, "Maybe I'll visit my friends, the mice."

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