Facebook Is Going to Sell Your Pictures
chuck and josh on facebook

Should Chuck and Josh be worried about Facebook selling their photos?


While it's never a good idea to post pictures to Facebook unless you don't care who sees them, you probably never imagined that, even if you delete your account, Facebook could use those pictures for commercial purposes. That's the impression that recent changes to the company's Terms of Service (TOS) seemed to give, however.

The ensuing uproar over the changes prompted Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to address the issue on the company's blog. Zuckerberg claims the changes clarified the way sites like Facebook work, pointing out that even if a user deletes his or her account, the content from that account might still exist on other users' pages. Accordingly, Facebook needs license to share those images with other members, but only in the way that users determine via their accounts' privacy settings. Most importantly, Zuckerberg insists that Facebook has no intention of selling users' pictures for any reason, though he admits that Facebook needs to work on clarifying the language to that effect.

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