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American Politics in Souvenirs and Slogans

Election memorabilia are now cultural artifacts. See pictures of election memorabilia from years past.

5 Ways TV Has Influenced Presidential Elections

There are many ways TV has influenced presidential elections. Visit HowStuffWorks to see 5 ways TV has influenced presidential elections.

Top 10 Most Successful Third-party Presidential Candidates

Which third-party presidential candidates have been most successful? Learn about the 10 most successful third-party presidential candidates.

What Happens if a Presidential Candidate Dies?

The death of a presidential candidate sure can throw a wrench into the election process. HowStuffWorks Now figures out what would happen.

The Powerball 'Tipping Point': What Size Jackpot Makes You Play?

What size jackpot gets casual lotto players interested in purchasing a ticket? HowStuffWorks gives you the magic number.

How Lobbying Works

Do you know How Lobbying Works? Keep reading to find out How Lobbying Works and explore more about campaigning!

How the Green Party Works

The Green Party is an American political party that focuses on environmental issues. Learn more about the United States Green Party.

How Sarah Palin Works

Sarah Palin is a hot commodity on the McCain-Palin ticket: Her youth and conservative ideals have garnered publicity. Learn about Sarah Palin and her ideals.

How Space Burial Works

What is involved in space burial? Learn how you can have your ashes sent to space in How Space Burial Works.

John McCain Pictures

John McCain pictures show photos of the 2008 Republican presidential candidate. Check out these pictures of John McCain.

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