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What Is the World’s Shortest River?

How are rivers, streams and tributaries classified? HowStuffWorks breaks down the naming conventions.

Illinois Scenic Drives: Great Rivers Scenic Route

The Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route showcases the meeting of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers. Learn about this scenic drive.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park attracts history buffs and nature lovers alike. Here's visitor information for this national park in North Dakota.

How to Prepare for a Flood

NOAA is expecting widespread flooding throughout the United States this spring. HowStuffWorks tells you how to get your home and self ready.

Colorado Scenic Drive: Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway

Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway retraces the routes of pioneers, Native Americans, ranchers, and miners. Learn about this scenic drive in Colorado.

New Mexico Scenic Drive: Santa Fe Trail

New Mexico's historic Santa Fe Trail offers travelers a glimpse into the pioneer days of early America. Learn about the details of this scenic drive.

National Monuments

America’s national monuments include everything from statues and fossil sites to natural areas and prehistoric ruins. Learn about national monuments.

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