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How Speakers Work

The best amplifier, receiver and CD player won't do you much good, if you don't have good speakers. Speakers are the final step in the stereo process -- the key component that turns electronic data into sound.

How Weatherproof Speakers Work

Weatherproof speakers are great for an outdoor space. How do weatherproof speakers resist the elements? Find out how weatherproof speakers work.

How many different speaker drivers are there?

The three main types of speaker drivers are woofers, tweeters and midrange. Learn about the different speaker drivers in this article.

How Vibration Speakers Work

Vibration speakers work with other surfaces to enhance sounds. Learn all about how vibration speakers work.

What is a speaker tweeter?

A speaker tweeter is the driver that produces high-frequency sounds in a stereo system. Learn how speaker tweeters work in this article.

How Wireless Speakers Work

Wireless speakers can eliminate some of those pesky audio cables. While they do have advantages, wireless speakers also come with some strings attached.

How Motivational Speakers Work

HowStuffWorks takes a look at what makes motivational speakers so powerful and why millions flock to hear them speak every year.

How to Make a Speaker from an Altoids Tin

How to make a speaker from an Altoids tin is explained at HowStuffWorks. Find out how to make a speaker from an Altoids tin.

What's a voice coil on a speaker?

A voice coil is an electromagnet. Learn how a voice coil works on a speaker in this article.

Tris Speaker

Tris Speaker revolutionized outfield play and was a prodigious hitter. Learn more about this Hall of Fame outfielder and see his statistics.

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