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Expert Opinion: Diverticulosis

Looking for facts about GERD? Learn about diverticulosis and GERD from Discovery Health.

Reading 'Harry Potter' Influences How Americans View Donald Trump

Can reading the fantasy novels alter political views? Learn more about the study on Harry Potter and Donald Trump in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

Is Godzilla a Dinosaur?

Is Godzilla, the King of Monsters a dinosaur? HowStuffWorks talk to a few paleontologists to get their opinions.

How Anonymous Works

The hacktivist group Anonymous garners mixed opinions. Learn how Anonymous is structured and what the group does.

How to Choose a Medical Specialist

Medical specialists make crucial decisions regarding your health. Learn important guidelines for choosing a specialist.

April 18 Birthday Astrology

An Aries born April 18 is symbolized by the Ram and is opinionated and aggressive. Learn about April 18 birthday astrology.

How Political Polling Works

News broadcasts and Web sites often feature polls detailing public opinion. Who selects the people who respond to political polls? And what do the numbers mean?

April 9 Birthday Astrology

An Aries born April 9 is symbolized by the Ram and is feisty and opinionated. Learn about April 9 birthday astrology.

May 5 Birthday Astrology

A Taurus born May 5 is symbolized by the Bull and is verbal, imaginative, and not shy with their opinions. Learn about May 5 birthday astrology.

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