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Who Was Alexander von Humboldt and What Is the Humboldt Current?

The Humboldt Current takes its name from 19th-century naturalist Alexander von Humboldt. HowStuffWorks looks at the man and his current.

Meet the Energy Superbugs: Extremophiles

Meet the Energy Superbugs: Extremophiles. Keep reading to learn more about the energy superbugs, extremophiles.

How do the automobile ignition keys with chips embedded in them work?

A friend of mine just bought a new car and it has a neat security feature. The ignition key has what looks like a microchip embedded in it. The owners manual says that without this chip, the engine either will not start or will start and then die immediately. How does this microchip on the key prevent the engine from starting?

What’s So Special About Platinum?

HowStuffWorks looks at the dozens of uses for platinum, from engagement rings to dental fillings to automotive parts.

Greg Norman

Greg Norman did not take up golf until he was 16 years old. Learn why Greg Norman was better known for how he lost than how he won.

What causes heat stroke?

A friend of mine nearly died from heat stroke, and it was a major emergency. What causes someone to almost die from a little heat?

How Steam Technology Works

Steam technology works to harness the power of steam in order to perform work. Learn about steam technology and some steam technologies.

What are natural gas generators?

What are natural gas generators? Keep reading to learn about natural gas generators and how they are used.

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

Herbert Hoover's home in West Branch, Iowa, gives visitors a glimpse into his upbringing. Learn more about the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site.

How can water cut through steel?

Waterjets are explained in this article. Learn about waterjets.

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