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What kind of drill bits do I need for brick or concrete?

Putting up shelves or pictures might require boring holes into brick or concrete. Learn what kind of drill bits you need for brick or concrete in this article.

Painting Floors

The techniques for painting floors are the same as for painting any other large flat surface. Learn more in this home improvement article.

How to Remove Smoke Stains

Smoke stains are serious, whether caused by a burned dinner or a fire. Follow these stain removal tips to erase any trace from your household.

How to Remove Iodine Stains

Iodine has many purposes, but when it causes a laundry stain it can be a real pain. Learn stain removal techniques that will wipe away iodine stains.

How to Remove Lacquer and Varnish Stains

Lacquer and varnish give surfaces a beautiful shine, but when it gets on the wrong place, the result isn't pretty. Learn important stain removal techniques.

How Efflorescence Works

Efflorescence -- white deposits that appear on masonry -- can show up on many surfaces in your home. What can you do about efflorescence?

How to Remove Nicotine, Cigar, Pipe Smoke, and Cigarette Stains

If you are swiped by a cigarette at a party and have an ugly clothing stain, don't worry. Follow these stain removal tips to erase nicotine stains.

How to Build a Fireplace Chimney

Do you know how to build a fireplace chimney? Find out how to build a fireplace chimney in this article from HowStuffWorks.

Cozy Touches for Outdoor Spaces

Looking for some Cozy Touches for Outdoor Spaces inspiration? Check out our Cozy Touches for Outdoor Spaces article now!

How to Remove Pet Stains

Cleaning up pet stains is part of animal ownership, so follow these stain removal tips to undo what Fido does.

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