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Is Borax Harmful or Helpful?

HowStuffWorks looks at the chemical properties and uses for borax and discovers whether it is harmful.

Jimmy Demaret

Flamboyant Jimmy Demaret was as much entertainer as golfer. Learn about Jimmy Demaret's golf career and his unique wardrobe choices.

From Dunphys to Duggars: Modern Families

What is the modern family like? It may not resemble traditional views of family life. Learn about the modern family in this image gallery.

5 Trailblazing Female Mathematicians

HowStuffWorks profiles five famous female mathematicians including Karen Uhlenbeck and Katherine Johnson.

2010 in Pictures

Take a look at 2010 pictures and see the top stories and events of the year. See how much you remember about 2010 with 2010 pictures.

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