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Emmy Nominees Pictures

Flip through photos of some 2013 Emmy Award Nominees to see which familiar TV faces have been nominated for the best of the best in television dramas and comedies!

Who Were Oscar, Tony and Emmy? The Stories Behind Entertainment Award Names

The secrets behind the names of entertainment awards aren't as straightforward as you might imagine. Learn more in this HowStuffWorks Article.

How the Emmy Awards Work

The Emmy Awards honor television's best programs. Find out about the Emmy Awards, from the origin of the Emmy name to how nominations and voting work.

How the Webbys Work

The Webby Awards are the premier awards honoring excellence on the Internet. Learn about the Webbys and their history.

How Gay Parenting Works

Do kids brought up by same-sex couples fare any worse than those with heterosexual parents? Read about gay parenting at HowStuffWorks.

Meet Davis Guggenheim, Producer and Director

Davis Guggenheim, director and executive producer of ‘An Inconvenient Truth,” also produces and directs ‘Gracie.’ Learn about Davis Guggenheim’s career and credits.

How 'The Simpsons' Works

'The Simpsons' is famed for its biting humor and eccentric characters. But what makes the show so special? Find out in this article at HowStuffWorks.

10 Standout Nerds of 2011

Sure, there was a time when being labeled 'nerd' was the nadir of uncoolness. But things have changed, and in 2011, these top 10 nerds ruled -- totally.

Meet Lemore Syvan, Producer

Lemore Syvan is an independent film producer. Learn about the critically acclaimed films Lemore Syvan has produced, from ‘Sherrybaby’ to ‘Casa de los Babys.’

How Accents Work

How do accents develop and why is it so hard to lose one? Learn all about accents from HowStuffWorks.

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