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Beyond Books: Check Out the Weird Stuff You Can Check Out at America’s Libraries

You can borrow animal pelt, metal detectors, sewing machines and more at some of the libraries around America.

How Film Festivals Work

Film festivals are held around the world for a variety of movies and audiences. Learn about how film festivals work.

Can You Recycle Teflon Cookware?

Teflon has been linked to infertility in women. Learn more about recycling teflon cookware.

Marshall Warren Nirenberg

Marshall Warren Nirenberg is a famous American biologist. Learn more about Marshall Warren Nirenberg at HowStuffWorks.

What's the oldest green home in America?

Identifying America's oldest green home is not exactly an easy process. Check out this article to find out about the oldest green home in America.

1933 Reo Speedwagon Model BN

The 1933 Reo Speedwagon Model BN pickup was one of the fastest trucks of its day. See pictures and learn more about the 1933 Reo Speedwagon Model BN.

What is congestive heart failure?

What is congestive heart failure? Learn more about congestive heart failure from Discovery Health.

How EPA Fuel-Economy Testing Works

Why do the EPA's fuel economy numbers almost always seem to be off-base? Learn how the EPA tests new cars and trucks to gauge their fuel economy.

See the Wildest Winners of Competition to Invent New Musical Instruments

HowStuffWorks looks at some of the possible instruments of tomorrow at the Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition

Mahindra Roxor Reimagines the Beloved Jeep CJ

Indian automaker Mahindra introduced the Roxor to the U.S. in March. HowStuffWorks talks to the company about the Roxor and what makes it so cool.

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