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If Those Aren't Human Hands in Ancient Cave Art … What Are They?

Research into the cave art at Wadi Sura II finds non-human hand stencils. Why? Learn more in this HowStuffWorks Now article.


Thebes is an important part of Ancient Egyptian history. Learn more about Thebes at HowStuffWorks.

Were ancient Egyptians the first feminists?

The first feminists might've lived in ancient Egypt, where Herodotus documented aspects of gender equality. Did the first feminists live in ancient Egypt?

Vinegar is Amazing! 9 Green Uses for Vinegar in the Car

Vinegar has been around since the dawn of civilization. Learn more about the 9 green uses for vinegar in the car.

How the Rosetta Stone Works

The Rosetta Stone is a free-standing stone inscribed with ancient Egyptian records. Read about the discovery and translations of the Rosetta Stone.

How Senet Works

Senet is a board game from ancient Egypt, but it still has plenty to offer today. Learn about the history and rules of the game Senet.

The Temple at Karnak

Many ancient wonders are on view at the remarkable Temple of Karnak in Egypt. Explore the massive buildings and monuments in this famous landmark.

How can a rabbit tell me if I'm pregnant?

A rabbit pregnancy test involved injecting the animal with human urine and analyzing hormonal response. Learn how the rabbit pregnancy test works.

What if I wanted to build a Great Pyramid today?

To build a Great Pyramid today you would run into cost and labor issues that didn't exist in ancient Egypt. Learn about building a pyramid today.

What is wicker?

Wicker has been around since ancient Egypt and in the United States since the Mayflower. Read this article to learn all about wicker from HowstuffWorks.

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