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How the WaterCar Python Works

The WaterCar Python is one of the latest amphibious car offerings. Read about the design and specs of the WaterCar Python.

Swamp Wars: Wrangling a Super Python

Ahead of a hurricane, a rescue team secures their exotic creatures so that none of them escape. They get a bit of trouble from a super tiger reticulated python.

Florida Enlists Expert Indian Snake Hunters to Solve Its Python Problem

Invasive Burmese pythons are endangering humans and animals in Florida. Learn how snake catchers from India are helping at HowStuffWorks Now.

What’s the largest snake that has ever existed?

Have you ever wondered what the largest snake in the world is? Learn about the world's largest snakes at HowStuffWorks.

Pet Pictures

There are many types of animals that make for good pets. Check out these pet pictures at HowStuffWorks.

Ultimate Guide to New South Wales Wine Regions

The New South Wales wine regions are among Australia's best. Learn all about the New South Wales wine regions at HowStuffWorks.

VIRGIN ISLANDS TREE BOA (Epicrates monensis granti)

The Virgin Island tree boa is an endangered reptile. Learn more about the Virgin Island tree boa at HowStuffWorks.

Do happy people live longer lives?

Do happy people live longer lives? Find out if happy people live longer lives at HowStuffWorks.

How the Spanish Inquisition Worked

The Spanish Inquisition calls up a scene of torture and religious persecution. Explore the Spanish Inquisition, from its origin to the trials to how it ended.

How Knights Work

Knights were medieval warriors that were highly trained from a young age. Learn about knights and the process of training to become a medieval knight.

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