New Patio Ideas on a Budget
Outdoor patio bench

Reworking a patio or building a new one doesn't have to break the bank.

Marion Brenner/Botanica/Getty Images

Patios serve as an organized space that combines the best of the outside with the comforts found in homes. They can be something as simple, like a few square feet of bricks set with a small table and chairs, or they can be rambling constructions with pools, walkways, gardens and a host of amenities to rival the best living room.

Patios come in a bewildering range of styles and costs, and renovating an existing space or creating an entirely new one can mean a large layout of cash. Or does it? Like redecorating any living space, a homeowner or renter can save money by being creative and ambitious, rather than throwing money at the challenge.

We've got five ideas that could save you money, and maybe even expand your creative vistas.