Jack and the Beanstalk Part IV

Below is the fourth part of "Jack and the Beanstalk."

The woman leaves and comes back with a heavy sack. She turns it upside down, pouring gold coins onto the table. One by one, the giant counts each coin and returns it to the sack. Then he falls asleep.

Jack knows the gold belonged to his father. With a deep breath, he slips from the cupboard and grabs the heavy sack. He runs from the castle through the clouds and down the beanstalk.

Now Jack and his mother are very wealthy. With the gold coins, they are able to buy a strong, young cow and help their neighbors plant bountiful gardens.

But Jack still thinks of the giant. He kisses his mother, takes a deep breath, and slowly climbs back up the beanstalk and again meets the fairy.

jack and the beanstalk

He knows he must return to the castle.

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"Brave Jack," she says, "You must visit the castle a final time." She waves her wand and disguises him as a chimney sweep.

Carrying a broom, Jack walks to the castle door and blows his horn. "Greetings," he says to the woman. "I am a chimney sweep. Could you use my services?"

"Well," says the woman, "The chimneys are dirty, but I can't let you in. Once I let in a beggar and he stole our magic hen. Then I let in a baker and he stole a sack of gold."

"Who will clean the chimneys?" asks Jack. "You are too fine a lady for such dirty work."

"You are right," she says and leads Jack to the kitchen. He begins cleaning the fireplace, which is so big he can stand inside.

Jack hears thundering footsteps.

"Quick, hide!" shouts the woman, "or my husband will roast you for lunch."

Jack jumps into a pot.

"Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell a little boy," says the giant.

"Your nose is playing tricks on you again!" says the woman sounding impatient.

"Bring me my harp," says the giant, sitting.

"Play!" commands the giant. The harp begins to play.

After the music lulls the giant to sleep, Jack takes a deep breath, quietly steps from the pot, and seizes the harp.

"Help!" the harp cries.

The giant wakes. He looks up and sees Jack with the harp in his hands. "Who dares to steal my harp?" he shouts.

Jack runs as fast as he can, but behind him he hears the

familiar thundering footsteps. He runs for the beanstalk.

The giant follows, the beanstalk swaying under his weight.

Jack blows his horn with all his might. His mother sees him and

fetches an axe. With one swing, Jack chops down the beanstalk and

the giant falls out of the clouds.

jack and the beanstalk

Freed from the giant's spell, the harp turns into a fairy.

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Freed from the giant's spell, the harp turns into a fairy. She sings sweetly

for Jack and his mother, who live happily ever after.

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