Go Anywhere with a GPS
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GPS devices are must-have gadgets.

Peter Cade/Getty Images

Although it might seem misogynistic to include a GPS device on this list, in reality these gadgets are essential for men and women alike. At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, GPS manufacturer Garmin unveiled a palm-sized tracker with 4-week battery life that could put mothers' minds at ease while the kids are out camping or when the dog gets loose from the leash [source: Popular Mechanics]. Career women with bumper-to-bumper commutes might also appreciate the new TomTom portable GPS that can detect upcoming traffic conditions [source: Cunningham]. And for those who don't care to add an additional device to their gadget collection, the Pioneer SmartCradle transforms an iPhone -- the smartphone brand preferred among women -- into a GPS for the car [source: Chubb].